Submission Requirements

  • ACORD or other carrier’s Homeowners Application
  • Builders Risk Supplemental Application
  • Proof of Licensed & Insured General Contractor on project
  • 5 Years of currently valued Loss Runs (if applicable)


  • Minimum Coverage A of $150,000 (varies by state)
  • Liability Limits up to $500,000
  • No requirement on distance to coast (direct waterfront is OK)
  • Theft of Building Materials & Builders Risk Extended coverages available
  • 12-month terms available
  • Policy can be converted to a Homeowners policy upon completion of construction

Target Classes

  • Ground up construction projects
  • Large or Small Renovation Projects
  • Coastal exposure OK (we can also provide Flood or Excess Flood)
  • Mid-Term Projects are OK (continuous coverage required)