Description of RiskCoverage/Limit(s)    Premium
Adult Day CareGeneral Liability w/sexual molestation$4,000
Apartment ComplexGL – 2000 Units 1MIL/2MIL$215,000
Assisted Living FacilityXS Flood$30,000
Battery Manufacturer with lossesPackage & Umbrella$200,500
Biology Lab – Emp. Stock Option$3M – Management Liability Package$21,000
Camp Ground – Cape CodWind Only – $9,900,000$24,000
Coastal Condo Association$20 MIL TIV/$25,000 Wind Deductible$73,000
Coastal Public Golf CourseProperty, Inland Marine, GL$26,000
Condo Complex – Cape CodWind Deductible Buyback$9,000
Construction/Snow RemovalGL $1MIL/$2MIL/Umbrella $5MIL$20,000
Contractor(Records Mgmt/Trainer)$1 MIL Misc. E&O (Contingent BI)$13,251
Environmental Testing/SampleA&E $1M Contingent BI/PD$15,000
EPL Delivery Service With Lawsuit$2MIL$11,000
Excess Flood$18,000,000 x/s $1,000,000$68,000
Full Service Medical Clinic2MIL D&O/EPL/Fiduciary$9,800
Grill ManufacturerGL/Products $6 Mil/$12 Mil$170,000
Historic Tax Credits (5 Yr. Policy)Property $1,250,000$25,000
Homeowners in Osterville, MATIV – $5,217,100$18,260
Hotel – Martha’s VineyardProperty – $11MIL + w/$100K Wind $53,000
Interpreting ServiceE&O $1MIL/$1MIL $6,200
Jewelry Manufacturers OutputTIV – $20 Mil+ domestic & foreign$126,000
Local Waste Hauling CompanyCPL with Transport $1Mil/$2 Mil$18,460
Long Term Tech PlacementTechnology E&O $5MIL$27,000
Merchandisers Shopping MallFlood Coverage$87,000
Mortgage Broker$500,000 Misc. E&O$4,600
Multi Tenant Mill BuildingPackage & Umbrella$20,000
Multi-Layer PropertyPrimary/Excess $68,000,000$237,000
Nightclub$5M XS over CGL, Liquor, A&B$15,000
Nursing Home – CoastalWind Only$6,000
Oil CompanyUnderground Storage Tank$10,447
Railroad Signal Design Engineer$1M Primary/Project Specific XS$6,868
RestaurantLiquor Liability$16,267
Swimming Pool/Spa InstallerGL – $1MIL/$2MIL$9,500
Tavern/Pub with outdoor PoolGeneral Liability w/liquor$16,000
Tavern/Restaurant – CoastalPackage w/liquor$20,000
Technology E&O$5MIL$66,000
Vacant BuildingAdmitted Carrier $4.7 MIL Package$17,620
Waterproofing ContractorGL – $1MIL/$2MIL$6,500
Domino's DeliveryExcess HNOA $1MIL$2,500
Security for a Sand Sculpture EventGL – $1MIL/$2MIL$500
Pet Daycare Service with Bailee's coveragePackage - $1MIL/$2MIL$600
Secondary Coastal HomeHomeowners - $9MM TIV$18,000
Cleaning Services ENV/GL/XS - $1/2/1/ Limit $9,000
Boat Dealer MOLL AdmittedOcean Marine - $1,000,000 Limit$5,300
Party Fishing Boat Ocean Marine - $300,000 limit $1,100
Union LocalFiduciary / Union Liab - $2,000,000 Limit$16,100
Terra Dome HomeHomeowners - $670,000 TIV$2,195
Model Home being leased back to builderDwelling (6 Month Policy) - $1,040,000 TIV$1,924
Two Family Owner Occupied on NantucketHomeowners - $2,350,000 TIV$5,250
Butcher performing meat cutting displaysSpecial Event - GL & LL - $1M/$3M GL & LL$248 but adding events via endt throughout the year
Lawyers E&OProfessional - $1M/$1M$3,500
Media E&O Professional - $1M/$1M$2,200
Vacant School Property - $16,600,000$34,800