DeCotis Specialty Insurance was founded in 1989 as DeCotis Insurance Associates Inc. when a large surplus lines wholesaler was looking to open an office in the state of Rhode Island. As a Rhode Island native, Paul DeCotis led the effort to do so and was met with much success, showing consistent growth year after year.

In 2007, in response to the continued success of our Massachusetts and Northern New England retail agents, DeCotis Specialty Insurance opened a second branch in Greater Boston. Today, the office in Massachusetts continues to thrive and steadily grow, servicing agents from the New England states to Florida and beyond.

Mission Statement

We are unusually good at insuring the unusual. We do this by . . .

. . . leveraging underwriting expertise, cutting-edge technology, and data analytics to address unique challenges while prioritizing user-friendly solutions for our partners.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading independently owned wholesaler achieving year-over-year growth by creating an environment that fosters a culture driven by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and entrepreneurial team.

Core Values

D – Dedication

As a proud independent wholesaler, we are committed to exceeding our partners’ expectations in every aspect of our operation while maintaining the highest standards of service excellence.

E – Expertise

We are leaders in our industry, providing competitive, innovative, and customized solutions to our partners.

C – Collaboration

Teamwork is the bedrock principle of what we do.

O – Ownership

We believe in empowering each team member to take initiative, responsibility, and pride in contributing to our collective success.

T – Trust

This is the cornerstone of our core values, guiding every decision and fostering relationships with our clients, companies, and colleagues.

I – Integrity

We believe in doing what is right and standing firm when it comes to our moral principles.  Honesty, fairness, and authenticity are all part of our daily business life.

S – Socially Responsible

We are committed to working in an ethical and responsible manner for the betterment of our community.

First and foremost, we are a surplus lines wholesale MGA and broker, and as such, we don’t deal directly with the public. We only conduct business through licensed insurance agents in good standing, both independent and “tied” agents (i.e. Allstate, State Farm, etc.).

We provide three major services to our customers:

  1. We provide a way for retailers to access surplus lines and specialty markets.
  2. We provide competitive pricing and terms on products offered by these markets.
  3. We provide specialty knowledge about these products and services to assist our retailers in providing the right solutions for their customers.

After all, anyone can “get a quote” for a client—it’s getting the RIGHT quote, at the right price that makes the difference.

“Why should our agency use DeCotis?” is a question we hear time and time again. It’s a question every good insurance agent should ask of their suppliers, and every wholesaler being asked should have a good answer.

Here are some reasons we think make us different. Can your current wholesaler say the same?

1. We are deeply committed to the insurance agent distribution model
We don’t sell directly to the public—we only do business through licensed insurance agents who are appointed with our firm. We also support the insurance agency side of the industry by our memberships with state and regional agent associations, our sponsorship of and participation in many agent events, and our commitment to bring surplus lines solutions to those that need them. At the end of the day, it’s about helping insurance agents obtain coverage solutions for their clients, achieving peace of mind for some of the toughest accounts around.

2. We are committed to remaining independently owned
We answer to ourselves and our customers—that’s it. With this independence comes the ability to make decisions for ourselves and to tailor our approach to business in ways that benefit our customers and their clients, not some stock holder or private equity group looking to lever up debt to pay out dividends to investors.

3. We are deeply committed to the surplus lines industry
Our employees volunteer on committees for national organizations such as WSIA, PLUS, NESLA, and other regional groups to give back and help steer the direction of the industry. A healthy and active surplus lines marketplace is vital to the success of the insurance industry in the United States and her partners abroad.

4. We believe in using the words “we” and “us,” not “I” and “me”
Surplus Lines Insurance is a two-way street and being successful means taking care of your customer so that they can take care of theirs. We try to live this philosophy every day, always reminding ourselves that it’s the customer who is the most important person in our organization. Working together as a team is the only way business gets done right. This approach has served the foundation of our company since its inception, and we continue to talk about it today.

We certainly have focus areas where we are very strong, but there is very little we can’t do for our agents.

Our core specialty areas are:

  1. Property & Casualty, including Umbrella
  2. Personal Lines
  3. Professional & Management Liability
  4. Specialty Coverages
  5. Environmental & Pollution Liability

For more details on what we can offer you, please see our PRODUCTS pages.

As part of its philanthropic efforts, senior members of DeCotis Specialty Insurance along with immediate family members and close friends created the Joan DeCotis Foundation. The foundation is named after the wife of Paul DeCotis, Chairman of DeCotis Specialty Insurance. Since its inception, the foundation has raised awareness of and funding for lung cancer clinical drug trials. These innovative drug trials will hopefully lead to new discoveries in the treatment of lung cancer and may ultimately help find a cure for lung cancer.

You can learn more about the foundation’s history, preview its events, and find lung cancer resources here: