Submission Requirements

  • Homeowners or Dwelling Fire Application
  • 5-year loss runs if applicable
  • Risk specific supplements may be required (Habitational; Unprotected Dwelling; etc)


  • Coverage A from $150,000 and up
  • Primary support not required
  • ISO Percentages not required on Cov B, C & D (only pay for what you need)
  • No requirement on distance to coast (direct waterfront is OK)
  • Water Backup, ID Fraud Expense, Quake, Increased Ordinance or Law available
  • Loss Assessment, Animal Liability, Food Spoilage also available
  • Scheduled personal property available (jewelry, golf clubs, artwork, etc.)

Target Classes

  • Primary homes
  • Secondary or Seasonal homes (Primary Support not required)
  • Short Term & Long Term Rental Exposures
  • Bed & Breakfast risks (must be owner occupied & less than 10 rooms)
  • Coastal or Beachfront homes are OK (we can also provide Flood or Excess Flood)
  • Policies available in the name of Trusts, LP’s, FP’s, Estates or LLC’s