1. Check Your Insured’s Policy First

First and foremost, please check your copy of your insured’s policy for claim procedures!

  • Many policies have very specific wording on how claims need to be handled.
  • Some require the carrier be notified by in writing by certified mail, some don’t, etc.
  • We have seen claims / potential claims denied for mishandling or not reporting them.

2. Submit the Claim Notification

Email us an ACORD Property or GL Claim Notification form for Property and GL policies, unless otherwise directed by your insured’s insurance policy.
You can access those forms here:

You should also submit any additional documentation, letters, emails, etc. regarding the claim at the same time you submit your ACORD Loss Notice.

Email us at: claims@decotis.com

For Professional Liability or other Non P&C policies, your insured’s policy will spell out what needs to be submitted, how, and to whom; please also email us whatever you send to the carrier as we also need to be notified. Although the policy will spell out exactly what needs to be submitted, it’s a good practice to include the following information:

  • A letter from the insured describing what happened
  • Copies of any subpoenas, etc. along with a memo about the situation
  • Emails, faxes, or other documentation from the insured or claimants

Email us at: claims@decotis.com

3. Obtain Confirmation That the Claim Notification Was Received

Whether you submit your insured’s claim notification to our office or directly to the carrier, make sure you follow up and obtain confirmation that your claim notification was received. It is your responsibility to make sure the appropriate parties have received and acknowledged the claim documents.

Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Emails get lost in cyberspace, caught in SPAM filters, or get accidentally deleted
  • Voicemails can get routed to the wrong extension or get accidentally deleted
  • Faxes get garbled or can come in as unreadable documents
  • U.S. mail that is not certified can get lost or can’t be properly tracked

Once you obtain the confirmation, keep it in your claim file and follow any instructions from the carrier. Although you should receive progress reports in a timely fashion, it’s always good to keep a follow up diary to keep on top of any claim.

We have a claims team available to assist with any claim situation that might arise. Once we receive your notification of a claim, our team will initiate our part of the claims process, which may include notifying the carrier, obtaining additional information, assigning an adjusting firm, etc.

In any case:

  • You should receive a confirmation from our office (or the carrier) that your claim notification was received within 24 – 48 hours.
  • If you do not receive confirmation, don’t wait – emails get lost in cyberspace, faxes get garbled, and voicemails can get accidentally lost. It is your responsibility to make sure our office (or the carrier – check your policy) have received the claim notice.

If You Are an Insured Reading This…

If you have an emergency, call 911. Don’t wait.

Call your insurance agent who placed the insurance for you IMMEDIATELY. They will guide you through what needs to be done. Some policies have VERY SPECIFIC instructions on how claims (or potential claim situations) need to be handled. We have seen claims denied due to mishandling.

If You Are an Insurance Agent…

Please click on the How to File a Claims link below, or call us at 401-351-0066 or 781-794-1400 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm EST. You can also email claims@decotis.com at any time.